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Chongqing: A Tourist City in the Intelligent Age

2019/9/10 8:54:23
Chongqing, the city of mountains and rivers, has become more and more popular in recent years. This city, with bright red genes and the birth of the novel Red Rock, has been burning with red "flame": in the alleys of the Eighth Road Delicious Street, late at night, rows of hot pots boil to the top, the heat is mixed with noise and magnificent. Last year's "May Day", the "May Day Travel Trend Report 2018" released by Machoneycomb shows that the heat of Hongya Cave scenic spot, the characteristic building of Chongqing Diaojiao Building, has jumped to the second place in the country, after the Forbidden City!
During May 1 last year, the surge in human flow exceeded the daily carrying capacity limit of Hongyadong. Huge tourists lined up from Hongyadong to the Qiansimen Bridge next to it. The traffic of the bridge was totally paralysed and the bridge had to be closed.
An unprotected scenic spot congestion has opened the door for the development of Intelligent Tourism in Chongqing. After the "bursting shed" incident in Hongyadong scenic spot, the pre-control of the flow of people has become the "No. 1 project" of Chongqing tourism. Singaporean plankton technology, which focuses on smart tourism, began to analyze the Hongyadong scenic spot data after bidding. Hongyadong is funded by the government to install more than 20 electronic terminals, but also through face recognition technology to portray tourists. We analyze and visualize the data collected by the cameras, gates and WIFI mobile phone probes installed in Hongya Tunnel, so as to play the role of early warning of passenger flow.
Culture is the soul of tourism. Since Hongyadong, Liziba and Chongqing Light Rail have all become net red, can we make the traditional culture carrier Museum red?
The ideas of Chongqing government officials coincide with Tencent's layout. In recent years, Tencent, which has been making continuous efforts in the field of literary creation, has proposed that as an Internet enterprise, it hopes to better tap the potential and value of "culture + science and technology", and use its own technological capabilities to combine games, literature, music and animation, which are well known and loved by the public, to inherit and develop excellent traditional literary works. Make cultural symbols with Chinese characteristics.
As you can see at the China Wisdom Expo, at the exhibition booth of Chongqing Museum, the "ancient Idea" animation has attracted a lot of audiences. "An oil-saving lamp" refers to the treasure of the town hall of Chongqing Three Gorges Museum and the green glaze oil-saving lamp of the Yongyao in Tang Dynasty. The lamp body is hollow, and a small hole in the middle is used to inject cold water and reduce oil temperature, thus saving lamp oil. Many viewers said that the use of animated videos and even games to introduce ancient crafts, so that cultural relics stories become more vivid and interesting.
This year, Tencent jointly launched the Next Idea Innovation Competition with nine national museums, including Shanghai Museum, Hunan Museum, Henan Museum, Shaanxi Museum of History, Hubei Museum, Zhejiang Museum, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, Capital Museum and Shanxi Museum, to encourage Chinese youth to base themselves on the Museum. The Museum authorized cultural relics to display creativity, including small program development, creative design, game production, creative recitation, etc.
Driven by the intellectualization of big data, the construction of intelligent museums has become a global trend, and future museums will become more open, more historical thickness and cultural temperature of living space. In the intelligent exploration, museums need digital technology to play a role, but digital technology can not replace exhibitions. What we should be particularly vigilant about is that after everyone has made wisdom, museum exhibitions and services have become fast food and fragmentation.

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